According to the Occitan Song of the Albigensian CrusadeSimon de Montfort dies after being struck by a rock from a catapult: the blow to his steel helmet smashed his eyes, brain, forehead and upper teeth to pieces. One peril of hurling rocks at heavily fortified places was that they could rebound. During a popular revolt in Siena in 1371, a rock was thrown at the tower of the Palazzo Pubblico, but it fell back into the crowd below and landed on a poor pignattaio (pine-nut gatherer) called Pasquino.

-       Frances Stonor Saunders – Hawkwood, Ch 11, P.139


Ramon Navarro (1920's Hollywood star) was beaten to death in the 1960's by burglars with a lead dlldo that had been given him by Rudolph Valentino


William II was killed on a hunting trip by an archer who confused him with prey,


Isadora Duncan


Aeschylus who had a tortoise dropped on his head by an eagle and perished thereof.


Pope John XXI in 1277 – The ceiling of an extension of the great fortress of Viterbo fell on him while he was working there, waiting for the Fortress to be repaired

                                               - Frances Stonor Saunders – Hawkwood, Ch 9, P. 110


John White – Spurs footballer; killed by lightning


1360; soldado ingleses replegándose después de intentar atacar a los franceses en París, se encontraron en una tormenta. La armadura se convirtió en pararrayos y a muchos les frieron mientras aún iban montados en caballo.

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